London Borough of Hounslow


The London Borough of Hounslow declared Climate Emergency in June 2019, and the council approved a Climate Emergency Action Plan in 2020. 

In 2022, Square Gain developed a suite of e-learning to complement the council’s Green by Design programme, which tackles the climate emergency and stimulates a green recovery.  Square Gain also provided training for Elected Members, and a ‘train the trainer’ programme for the sustainability team, enabling the council to build internal capacity to deliver environmental and sustainability training to all staff.  Click here for more information.

"We recently worked with Square Gain on our Carbon Literacy Training e-modules and workshops. Their team were extremely dedicated and hard-working, and focused on achieving our goals and outcomes. We’d highly recommend partnering with Square Gain on environmental projects!"
Heather Carlisle, Sustainability Officer
"Having worked with Square Gain on Carbon Literacy E-Learning modules, they made it easy to implement effective eLearning, which enabled us as a team to increase engagement, motivation and foster the development of 21st Century skills. The Square Gain team were great in providing us the service we required. Would definitely recommend Square Gain and work with them again."
Jas Kaur, Business Transformation Manager
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